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table numbers

Table numbers serve a (very important) functional purpose at your wedding.

We have several different styles to fit your perfect table decor...

table number.jpg
Scripted White Lettering on clear acrylic and Wood Block Stand

#'s 1-12 Available | Rent for $40.00

Acrlic with Floral Detail #1-16.jpf
Scripted White Lettering & floral detail on clear acrylic and Wood Block Stand

#'s 1-16 Available | Rent for $40.00

Wood Block with Scripted White Lettering

#'s 1-28 Available | Rent for $40.00

Hexagon Table Numbers.jpg
Natural Wood Hexagon

#'s 1-22 Available | Rent for $10.00

Wood Table Numbers.jpg
Dark Wood Number Cutouts

#'s 1-20 Available | Rent for $10.00

Black Tall Table Numbers #1-20.jpf
Tall Black Wood Numbers with Gold Trim

#'s 1-20 Available | Rent for $20.00

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