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Meet Michelle & Michele


FRIENDS FIRST...we have been friends since our boys first met in Kindergarten 13 years ago. We were in PTA together for 6 years, shared many playdates, kids birthdays and eventually realized we really enjoyed hanging out together without the kids....haha. We are mostly referred by our colleagues and friends lovingly as Michele1 and Michelle2. We love decorating, share a love of all things pretty, and enjoy having fun together. 


HOW SAVVY WAS BORN...with Michele1's 20 years experience in the wedding industry as a Wedding Venue Manager and Event Coordinator, many couples over the years have inquired if she had items available for rent - that buying wedding specific signage, table numbers, pretty sweetheart chairs, and even candles for one day seemed like a waste. And that always followed 

with "what am I going to do with all of it after the wedding?" Enter Michelle2 - With Michelle being an experienced Wedding Setup Coordinator and a lover of nature and the planet, she saw a lot of waste in the industry. Together we soon realized that we had something special that no one else was offering in our area and the idea of a sustainable rental business was born. 

SAVVY / sav·vy /ˈsavē/

adjective: shrewd & knowledgeable; having common sense & good judgment / verb: know or understand / adjective or verb: smart


We hope you will find SAVVY a smart option for your wedding or next event! We can't wait to work with you! XO, The Two Michelle's 

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